Company was established to commercialize technological results of IEAP CTU in Prague in field of radiation imaging with pixel detectors. Our team consists of renowned scientists, engineers and programmers with long experience in radiation imaging. Company tightly collaborates with ADVACAM Oy. producing edgeless sensors.

Our partners:


  • Renaming of WIDEPIX s.r.o.

    Our companies Advacam Oy and WIDEPIX s.r.o. are close partners in development and fabrication of radiation imaging sensors and cameras. Both companies already share teams, knowhow and skills. We decided to make another step in creating even tighter mutual collaboration by renaming WIDEPIX s.r.o. to Advacam s.r.o. The brand WidePIX® remains the trademark of our radiation cameras. The unification of company names clearly demonstrates our shared goals of delivering to the market top-class and comprehensive services and products.

  • 26.6.2015 17th iWoRiD - Conference

    Advacam s.r.o. is attending the 17th iWoRiD workshop. You are invited to visit our booth where new services and products such as CdTe cameras will be presented.

  • 15.10.2014 IEEE - NSS & MIC Conference 2014

    We are inviting you to our booth #133 and #232 at the IEEE NSS & MIC conference in Seattle between 10th - 13th of November 2014. We will be presenting a wide range of photon and particle-counting detectors produced by our company and associated partners Advacam, Crytur and Jablotron.

  • 15.10.2014 FitPIX TPX3 - interface for the new generation detector Timepix3 is ready!

    WidePIX® is contributing to the research of cutting edge pixel detectors by developing electronics and software for the new Timepix3 device. Timepix 3 is a single particle-tracking detector with a very high tracking throughput thanks to event-based readout. It represents a revolutionary device for many radiation-detecting applications.

    The FitPIX TPX3 electronics for Timepix 3 readout is now ready for distribution among Medipix collaboration members.

  • 21.12.2013 Advacam and WidePIX® attend to the IEEE NSS-MIC 2013 to launch common products
  • 10.06.2013 Visit us in 15th iWoRiD on 23-27 June 2013 in Paris